Lanolin (Liquid)


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Lanolin is a natural ingredient derived from sheep’s sebaceous glands that are widely used in cosmetic products due to its moisturizing properties.

Because of its moisturizer or emollient (reducing water loss and itching) and antimicrobial actions, lanolin can be found in personal and baby products, skin care, lotion, cream, shampoos, shaving, manicuring, hair care, suntan and sunscreen products, as well as eye, lip and facial makeup. It can be found in diaper rash products, hemorrhoid medications.

Lanolin and its related ingredients moisturize the skin, hair and nails. Lanolin act as a lubricants on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft, smooth appearance.

It helps to form emulsions and blends well with nearly all other substances used in cosmetics and personal care products. Lanolin also possesses adhesive characteristics.

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